Interview with Dawn Davidson

Reaching good agreements is one of the major pitfalls  in polyamory. You may be tempted to be too relaxed and say that you don't need any rules and then suffer in silence until you can't take it anymore. Others put so many rules around their relationships that it can be hard for any other person to take part at all.  Yet, other people manage to have agreements that are just right for what they need. How do they do it? It's a subtle art.

Victoria Rosa will be interviewing Dawn Davidson on her 15 years’ experience as a poly coach, especially in the subject of Relationship Agreements, in which she has a well-read e-book. In this interview Dawn will share with us:

  • The 5 reasons even *good* agreements sometimes fail
  • The difference between Requests and Demands, and why this matters
  • Getting to Win-Win ( or Win-Win-Win...)
She's a master, I tell you! So, please come. It's on

22nd November
17.00 GMT, 9 am PST

and again at

20.00 GMT, 12 pm PST

Who is Dawn Davidson?

Dawn Davidson smiling
Dawn Davidson is passionate about Love. She believes that no matter who or how many you love, Love is always OK!  The author of the KISSable Agreements Workbook, and an internationally-known expert on polyamory, Dawn loves to help open-hearted people experience greater fulfilment in their own lives and loves. Dawn graduated from U.C. Berkeley, is a certified Interchange Radical Counselor and Shamanic Soul Coach, and an Ordained Minister dedicated to Love as a spiritual path. As a counselor, coach, and presenter, she provides insightful, intuitive guidance grounded in over 15 years of experience with real people all over the world. Her private sessions and workshops provide practical tools and wide-ranging resources to help you discover and express your most authentic self, whether individually, or in and through your relationships. Dawn is Kink-Knowledgeable, GLBTQQI-supportive, and a proponent of all forms of loving, respectful relationship.

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